Jacksonville woman says dogs attacked, killed her 3 cats

A Jacksonville woman believes a group of dogs is attacking and killing her cats.

She says she lost three cats in three days.

“Every night, they are running in this area, killing small animals, killing my cats,” Sharon Ware said.

Ware said the violent dogs also wake her.

“I hear so many dogs barking, almost like screaming,” she said.

Ware said it started last week.

“They found one of our large cats in the bushes,” she said.

Ware said she even chased after the dogs.

“The following night, I hear dogs again," she said. "Smokey was laying in the yard, dead."

The following day, another cat was found dead in her yard.

“So that’s three cats I buried in three days," she said.

The pictures are too graphic to show.

“It’s half-eaten, sitting out in my hard," she said. "That’s the only way I can describe it to you. It was horrible. They are absolutely killing animals, and eating my cats alive."

Action News Jax went to the home where Ware believes the dogs live.

No one came out, but we heard dogs barking.

“I really wish somebody would get these dogs so I don’t live in fear every single night,” Ware said.

Action News Jax reached out to Animal Control and was told they are looking into it.

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