• Jacksonville woman's car broken into at Beach Boulevard gym

    By: Danielle Avitable , Action News Jax


    A Jacksonville mother told Action News Jax that she thinks her daughter was targeted while at a Southside gym.

    A picture captured from an ATM surveillance camera showed the man who Anne Schroeder said stole her daughter’s purse.

    "The guy is a pro, he had on glasses and a bandana around his face," Schroeder said.

    She said her daughter went to Bailey's gym on Beach Boulevard and when she walked out her car was broken into and her purse with everything in it was gone.

    "They probably saw her get out of the car, put the purse down, cover it up and go to gym," Schroeder said.

    And by the time they called to cancel all the credit cards, more than $2,000 was already stolen. She said several gift cards were purchased at Walmart.

    "And matter of fact it said “see ID” on the back of it, so I don't know how that happened," Schroeder said.

    And then another thousand was taken out of an ATM.

    "They went to an ATM took out $1,000 at ATM had her PIN number, not quite sure how that happened," Schroeder said.

    That’s why Schroeder said she thinks her daughter was followed.

    "They actually watched her somewhere, she went to Publix before all this happened and saw her put in (her) PIN number then followed her from house to my house and then to the gym," Schroeder said.

    Action News Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson said women are more likely to be targeted.

    "A lot of times thieves will place you under surveillance, you don't know you are under surveillance by them," Jefferson said.

    And he said it’s because, “They're more vulnerable and they are doing more things, distracted much more on the telephone with kids."

    Jefferson said that you should switch up your daily routine to make sure no one is following you.

    And when walking in a public place, be aware of your surroundings because you’re more likely to be targeted if you are on your cellphone.

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