• Jaguars fans believe team is built for Super Bowl run despite preseason loss

    By: Russell Colburn , Action News Jax


     The Jacksonville Jaguars may have fallen to the New Orleans Saints 24-20 in the first preseason game Thursday, but fans still believe the team is destined for the Super Bowl.

    Jaguars fans couldn’t wait to start this preseason, tailgating hours early.

    Some, including Ronnie Penna, arrived in style.  

    Penna showed up in his Jags-themed, modified school bus.

    “We’ve done it over the years, since 2006,” Penna said. “We bought a short little yellow bus and we just started modifying it over the years, and it’s turned into a great little party bus.”

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    At the game, the starters impressed.  

    A seven-minute opening drive led to a touchdown.

    The Jags offense went 3/3 on 3rd down.

    “Blake (Bortles) looked good,” said fan Tom Smith.  “(Dede) Westbrook looked great.  We’ve got a good chance this year, I think.”

    Coming into the game, expectations were already sky-high.

    “I just really think the Jaguars are going to win this whole Super Bowl year,” said 9-year-old Arryon.  “Greatest team in the world.”

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    “(We’re going) all the way,” said fan Vanessa Alberre.  “We were so close last year, and this year we’re going all the way.”

    It was a playoff atmosphere for the first preseason game, because the Black and Teal faithful believe that, top to bottom, their team is the best in the NFL.

    “Super Bowl,” a group of friends cheered.  “We’re going to Atlanta!”

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