• Jaguars target new fans

    By: Erica Bennett


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It’s clear EverBank Field is the place to be! Ticket sales are through the roof, all thanks to a little strategizing.
    “As opposed to one big market message, we're really getting down to the individual fan level. We're seeing great results,” Chad Johnson said.
    Johnson, senior vice president of sales for the Jaguars, says young families are on their radar.
    “We know this is going to be our future generation of fans. Their parents are bringing them now, but hopefully for years to come, they'll support us,” Johnson continued.
    The 20s and 30s crowd is also being targeted. Numerically, the big cats are approaching 7,700 new ticket sales and nearly 45,000 season tickets overall.
    “The mood is totally different here in the stadium,” Debbie Deremer said.
    “Just a fantastic experience. Spend the money, do it one time, and you'll be hooked,” John Deremer said.
    The world's largest scoreboards, pools and cabanas are undoubtedly contributing to fan excitement. Johnson hopes it's a feeling that lasts.
    “It gives us something new to talk about and it also gives us something unique. People here in Jacksonville are proud now that we have something that's unique to our stadium; that's unique to EverBank Field,” he said. 

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