• Jax Zoo welcomes 7 primate babies


    DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. - The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens has welcomeed seven primate babies in the past eight months.

    The zoo had one bonobo, two gorillas, one mandrill, one guereza colobus monkey and two ruffed lemurs. The baby ruffed lemurs, one a girl and the other a boy, were born on May 17.

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    “I am very proud of our animal care team’s success with all of these primate births. As populations in human care and those in native ranges are increasingly requiring global cooperation on conservation strategies, each birth is important to saving endangered species.” said Tracy Fenn, supervisor of mammals and head of the primate care team.

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    Executive director, Tony Vecchio said, “Primates have always been one of the most popular groups of zoo animals. And, of course, people love baby animals. So to see all of these baby primates, with their attentive mothers, acting in ways which are so familiar to us human primates, has been an exceptional experience for our visitors.”

    The second gorilla, who was born on May 9, is a girl, and her name is Patty.

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