Child being chased by dog hurt after being hit by car, Jacksonville police say

Child hit by car while being chased by dog, Jacksonville police say

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — JSO says a 7-month-old dog named Bruno chased a child into a street Thursday morning and right into the path of a car.

JFRD says the child was taken to UF Health Hospital in serious condition.

“I just hope he is alright and pulls through,” said Cornell Simpson.

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“It’s more than scary,” added Tommie Chapman.

“It was crazy, the kid was over here, his shoe was in the grass,” another neighbor added.

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Neighbors told Action News Jax the child is between 7 to 10 years old and may have been walking to a nearby bus stop.

They said they believe Bruno is a dangerous dog that is often loose in the neighborhood on 13th and Davis streets.

Chapman and his family often cross the busy road to stay away from the dog.

“He comes out of that yard some kind of way, he gets out of the yard and harasses people. We have to run from him sometimes,” Chapman explained.

Action News Jax talked exclusively to the dog’s owner, who says her dog is not dangerous.

“My dog is not mean or anything like that, he is a puppy,” the dog’s owner explained.

JFRD told Action News Jax the child who was hit by the  car is in the hospital with serious injuries.

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“It was pretty bad; the lady’s car was messed up,” a neighbor said.

JSO says the driver stopped and will not be charged.

Our cameras exclusively captured the moment when the dog's owner was given a written warning.

Animal Care and Protective Services was also on the scene.

“Today, it was just a big freak accident, I guess you can call it. Are you all going to start tying the dog up now? Yes, he will definitely be on lock and chains now, so he won’t get loose,” said the dog’s owner.

Action News Jax is requesting video from a JSO camera nearby the crash site.