JIA is fastest growing airport in the country and is adding concourse

Jacksonville International Airport is the fastest growing airport in the country – but more passengers means more space is needed. JIA will be adding a third concourse with six gates.

Last year, JIA said it had an extra 900,000 passengers.

“Surprise, who saw that coming,” said Mark VanLoh, CEO of Jacksonville Airport Authority.

VanLoh said they have more flights than they have gates.

“When you don’t have enough gates you’re not going to get all the flights you want. We hope this will have more places for people to sit, more bathrooms, more places to eat and drink,” he said.

But more importantly, VanLoh said there will be more flights, which will lower the airlines’ costs and produce more competitive rates. VanLoh said he hopes to hire an architect engineer by late spring, and have the project completed by the end of 2022.


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