Joleen Cummings' mom: ‘We're not giving up'

Woman accused of killing Nassau County mom, Joleen Cummings, ruled 'incompetent'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The accused killer of Nassau County mom Joleen Cummings has been found incompetent to stand trial.

The determination comes after evaluations by two doctors.

Kimberly Kessler will now be sent to a state hospital, with a review in six months.

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Cummings’ mom, Anne Johnson, stood feet from her daughter’s accused killer inside the courtroom Tuesday.


More than a year after Cummings disappeared, Johnson said it hasn’t gotten easier for her or Cummings’ three kids.

“You think that time would be kinder, it’s not. They’re grieving. The children are a year older,” she said.

The doctor who evaluated Kessler for the state believes she will be competent in the future, and so does Johnson.

“She will be found competent, I rest you. She will be found competent,” she said. “You have to believe in the judicial system. She may be intelligent, but we got a higher power, we got people that are fighting, fighting and working very diligently for this case.”

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Her sole focus, other than justice for her daughter, is finding her remains.

“Will she ever tell us the answers? I don’t know. Pray for that, but we’re not giving up. We are in a storm and this storm isn’t over with,” she said.

She said she’s keeping her faith, and has a request for all of Cummings’ supporters who have been with her throughout the case.

“I would prefer we show the victim,” she said, holding a photo of Cummings. “This is the one we lost. This is the picture that needs to be out there. The other doesn’t deserve recognition, this one does.”

Kessler is expected in Nassau County court again on Jan. 9.