JSO: Corrections officer arrested, fired after striking, breaking nose of intoxicated man

A Jacksonville Sheriff's Office corrections officer has been fired, accused of punching a suspect in the face and breaking his nose.

Investigators said the officer thought the suspect was pretending to be drunk.

Neptune Beach police brought 62-year-old James Camuso to the Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Office Jail to be processed for a DUI on Tuesday, April 17.

But when Camuso arrived, he was so drunk, he had to be pushed inside in a wheelchair.

He was brought to a room to have  breath samples taken and that's when the problem with Officer William Libby began.

"Libby struck Camuso and fractured his nose while he was waiting to have his breath sample taken,”

Libby, 23, had only been on the force for 15 months before this incident happened.

He was still on probationary status, according to Ivey, and that’s why he said they were able to fire him immediately after arresting him today.

"This is something that was done wrong. This isn't a training issue, but obviously we can learn from it,” said Ivey.

Libby is charged with aggravated battery, which is a second-degree felony, and official misconduct, a third-degree felony.

Three JSO employees have been arrested in 2018 and 10 were arrested in 2017.