• JSO investigates Facebook threat against Superintendent Vitti


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A man from Jacksonville apologized for threatening superintendent Nikolai Vitti on Facebook.

    According to a police report obtained by Action News, Terrance Simcic commented on Facebook about the name change at Westside High School, formerly known as Forrest High School.

    Simcic, according to the report, called Dr. Vitti a "piece of s--t" and wrote, "I want to kill, murder that piece of s--t."

    Simcic later told police said his emotions got the best of him for a short period of time and he made the statement out of anger.  He told police he "had no intentions of doing anyone any harm and got caught up in the moment when everyone was talking about how disappointed they were the name was changed."

    Simcic issued a written apology to Vitti.

    Simcic's name did not appear on any watch list and the JSO, along with the State Attorney's Office, decided to suspend the investigation.

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