JSO: Jacksonville man gave partner HIV, didn't tell her he was HIV-positive

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville man is facing a third-degree felony after police say he gave his partner HIV without disclosing he was HIV-positive. He’s charged with sexual intercourse without disclosure of HIV.

According to police, the victim began a relationship with Sherrick Hooks, 30, of Jacksonville, in August.

The report states that the victim confronted Hooks after learning she had HIV, and Hooks denied any knowledge of any type how she was infected.

According to the report, the victim convinced Hooks to get tested and later discovered he was HIV-positive when he accidentally left the results at the victim’s house.

The suspect spoke exclusively to Action News Jax reporter Ryan Nelson.

“Would you like to comment on whether the allegations are true?” asked Nelson.

“No sir. No sir … No sir,” said Hooks.

Hooks said he did not want to discuss specifics in the case without consulting his public defender and claimed there’s more to the story.

He told Nelson he was prepared to face the legal system.

“This is my situation,” he said. “And as a man, I have to deal with this head-on.”

His next court date is set for March 28.


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