Police report: Puppies stolen from Jacksonville man's backyard

JSO says puppies stolen

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Thousands of dollars worth of puppies are missing from one man’s home, according to a JSO police report.

Marshall said he loves his American Bullies. So, when they were stolen from his backyard, he was devastated.

I asked if anything like this has happened before, and he said he has never had issues in the last seven years that he has lived on the Southside.

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According to JSO, eight puppies were stolen, valued at $15,000.

Marshall put out a Facebook post about the lost dogs hoping someone knew something.

It went viral, but not all the comments were positive.

“Most of the negative comments came from the dogs years being cropped.” Marshall said.

Action News Jax investigator, Meghan Moriarty, did some digging and found the owner, Joshua Marshall, had once been accused of animal abuse.

He claimed it was all a misunderstanding.

Court records show that in 2015, Marshall was charged with mutilating animals and animal cruelty.

He was found not guilty.

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Court documents show he admitted to Animal Care and Protective Services (ACPS) officers he cropped his dog’s ears.

When they asked if he used any antibiotics or pain relievers—Marshall said “no I just put over the counter cut heal,” according to a court document.

Marshall said he did not say that and that it is false.

He said he does have his dog’s ears cut, but takes them to a veterinarian for the procedure. He didn’t give a name.

He did show us some of his dogs, and they all appeared to be healthy and happy.

“It could’ve been a broke person trying to make a few bucks,” Marshall said, referring to whoever stole his dogs.

He said one of the dogs stolen was his daughters. He hopes whoever took them, brings them back.