• JSO: Jacksonville woman killed boyfriend, left body on porch

    By: Katie McKee


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A woman faces charges in connection with the murder of her boyfriend.

    The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office announced the arrest of Tammy Conner Friday morning.

    JSO said 48-year-old Ronald Trotter was reported missing by his wife in May. Family members believed that he might have been with Conner, his girlfriend. 

    JSO arrested Conner June 1 on an unrelated drug paraphernalia charge. Conner told officers that she hadn't seen Trotter in a couple of weeks.

    Detectives went to Conner's Northside home on June 10 after receiving tips that she has been at home. Detectives found animal control officers investigating a foul odor believed to be that of a dead animal. 

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    However, officials found the decomposed body of Trotter, who died from a gunshot wound to the chest, on the enclosed front porch. It was also reported that there were several air fresheners and large amounts of cleaners to mask the smell.

    Dylan Whalen moved in near Conner’s home in August, not knowing what happened next door until other neighbors filled him in. 

    “It was a little bizarre when I first heard,” Whalen said.

    Conner's home now sits empty with a bright orange condemned notice on the front door.

    “They just came and cleaned it up. I was really happy when they did -- boarded up the house so no kids are going in there and things like that,” Whalen said.

    Police say several witnesses told them that Conner confessed to killing Trotter, and one even told them she offered to pay him to move his body from her home.

    Conner was arrested again on July 14 on an unrelated aggravated battery charge. She told officers during questioning that she didn't know Trotter's body was in her home and denied killing him.

    Witnesses told officers that Conner asked for help in moving the body and admitted to them that she killed him. JSO said Conner put up plastic to seal in the smell. The motive for the murder is not known.

    Conner is charged with Trotter's murder.

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