JSO: Woman kidnapped, trafficked blind woman for sex

Blind woman lured by accused sex trafficker

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrested a 22-year-old Angel Williams Saturday after she was accused of holding a woman against her will while men sexually assaulted her.

Angel Williams faces kidnapping, human trafficking, sexual battery, false imprisonment and lewd or lascivious molestation charges. Four other men are also facing charges, three of them for sexual battery.

The victim is legally blind, the arrest warrant said, and was hopeful to land a job as a babysitter after messaging with the suspect on Facebook.

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The police report said on Aug. 9 Williams responded to the victim's Facebook post for a babysitting job. The victim told officers she knew Williams from high school.

The victim told police she was kidnapped and held against her will when she responded to a Jacksonville home for the job.

Investigators said the victim was raped at the home before being taken back to her own home.

The arrest warrant said that Williams then went to the victim's home with a firearm on Aug. 11. According to the report, the victim went with Williams out of fear. The victim told police Williams told her she was going to "work" for her.

According the arrest warrant, Williams drove the victim to the Sleep Inn & Suites off of Ramona Blvd., where they met a man named Daniel Davis, 46.

The victim told police Davis obtained a hotel room and once inside the room, her hands where zip-tied. Davis then forced himself on the victim multiple times, according to the report.

The victim told police she lost consciousness several times and that Williams held her down while Davis forced her to drink alcohol.

The victim told police she heard Davis provide money to Williams in exchange for having intercourse with her.

The next day, Williams took the victim to Knights Inn off of Lane Ave. where the met a different man named Ty Canaday, 49, according the arrest warrant. Canaday got a hotel room and forced himself on the victim, according to the report.

The victim told police he would not let her leave. He threatened her and was physically aggressive with her as he sexually battered her, the report said.

The victim told police Canaday and Williams argued about pricing. Canaday said the price was for an unlimited amount of time as stated on "the website" while Williams said in person the price was for three hours.

The arrest warrant said the two brandished firearms and then Williams returned the money Canaday paid her before leaving with the victim.

The arrest warrant said Williams has an account with a website with escort and prostitution advertisements.

“This sort of behavior is the worst I have seen, where the victim who clearly can’t, in a court setting, identify her assailants visually,” said Action News Jax Law and Safety Expert Dale Carson.