• JSO: 2 teens shot at while riding bikes in front of Hilltop Village Apartments


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Two 15-year-old boys were shot at in a drive-by shooting in front of the Hilltop Village Apartments on Monday night.

    One teen was hit in the leg. 

    The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Violent Crimes Task Force responded to the scene in Northwest Jacksonville. Police said the teens were riding their bikes when the shots were fired from a truck. 

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    The two boys left their bikes and ran to the back area of the apartments when shots were heard.

    The teen hit in the leg had non-life-threatening injuries and has been released from the hospital. The other teen was not injured.

    Shell casings were found at the scene and a bullet was found in a door at the Hilltop Village Apartments as a result of the shooting.

    Police canvased the area in search of surveillance video to help find the suspect and vehicle. Police are not certain if the teens live in the apartment complex.

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