• Judge to decide whether new Congressional maps will stand

    By: Samuel King


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Promising to rule quickly but setting no timetable, Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis must now decide whether the state's new Congressional map, drawn by state lawmakers, is constitutional.

    He heard arguments and testimony for all of the key stakeholders in the case.

    Lewis ruled last month that the 5th District and 10th District were both drawn with political motives in mind, which is contrary to the state constitution.

    The state Legislature went into a special session to redraw the maps.

    The main changes to the 5th District include the removal of Sanford, and the additional of more areas in Putnam County.

    Attorneys for the plaintiffs in the case, who represent a number of voter groups, argued the new map does not go far enough.

    They've offered their own proposed map, which would send Brown's district from Jacksonville west to Gadsden County, instead of south to Orange County.

    Rep. Brown, speaking after an event in Jacksonville, said she was outraged by the proposal.

    "I absolutely would not run for that seat," Rep. Brown said.

    "Let's be clear. 83 maps were introduced. Not one of them went from Jacksonville to North Florida."

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