Julington Creek Plantation neighborhood hit by string of car burglaries

Families concerned about car burglaries

St. Johns County homeowners say they feel violated after a string of car burglaries in their neighborhood this weekend.

Paul Hitchcock tells Action News Jax Reporter Ryan Nelson that he and his wife were getting ready to watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup on Sunday when they noticed their car window was smashed.

“My immediate reaction? I was pissed that I have to replace a window,” said Hitchcock.

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Someone stole Hitchcock’s work portfolio. Action News Jax found at least five car burglaries in Northwest St. Johns County.

They all happened this weekend near Durbin Creek Boulevard and Racetrack Road.

Sunglasses, DVD’s, phone chargers, a wallet, and a car registration, were among the hundreds of dollars’ worth of goods stolen from cars.


St. Johns deputies say it’s a trend they’ve seen growing over the past decade, and it is likely linked to the county’s booming population.

“The more folks we put into St. Johns County, that move here, the more opportunities there are for the criminals to come and target more citizens,” said St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Chuck Mulligan.

Hitchcock tells Nelson his car was locked. But according to the reports, the others were not.

“It makes it very easy for this criminal element to walk down any street that they choose and begin to pull on door handles,” said Mulligan.

He’s praying whoever’s responsible is brought to justice.

“You know you kind of feel a little violated, you know, that somebody would do that to you,” said Hitchcock.

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