Keyanta Bullard in jail following deadly Town Center shooting after violating probation

Just five days after the deadly shooting on Town Center Parkway, Keyanta Bullard, better known by the stage name Yungeen Ace, is in jail.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said he turned himself in to his probation officer on Friday.

He was on probation for accessory after the fact in a Clay County case.

He pleaded nolo contendere to the offense and was sentenced to 31 months of probation.

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Action News Jax's Courtney Cole did some digging to find out more about what happened during that case.

In the affidavit for arrest warrant from the Clay County Sheriff's Office, it states that Keyanta Bullard visited the home of Jonathan Tortorella and Savannah Mazzarella on Dec. 4th, 2016, looking to buy some marijuana.

Bullard was referred to Tortorella and Mazzarella by a friend.

When Bullard arrived at their home with three other people, Tortorella and Mazzarella told the sheriff's office, they believed they were going to be robbed and shut the door.

After that, 18 .40-caliber rounds were fired into the apartment and all four of the people then drove away from the scene.

Mazzarella positively identified Bullard to the sheriff's office. She says she remembers seeing him at the bottom of the steps leading up to her apartment before the shooting began.

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The car used to get away was also registered to Bullard.

Part of the Bullard's probationary conditions include not possessing any firearms, that's the reason he reported to the probation office on Friday.

Bullard remains in jail without bond.

He's set to appear in court on June 18.