Keys 2 Drive initiative slated to hit roads to give a second chance to drivers

The state attorney’s office announced a new initiative called Keys 2 Drive in an effort to help Florida residents facing certain criminal charges related to driving obtain a valid driver’s license.

For thousands of people in the state of Florida, obtaining a legal driver’s license after a criminal traffic violation can be a challenge.

Many are thrown into a cycle of fines they can’t pay, which ultimately keep them from obtaining a valid driver’s license.

Others continue to drive on a bad license and will end up back in criminal court.

Today, State Attorney Melissa Nelson, the Duval County Clerk of Courts and Sheriff Mike Williams announced the initiative.

“Once a person obtains a driver's license, they can exit the cycle," Nelson said. "They find themselves caught in, and hopefully, not re-enter through arrest or citation.”

The Keys 2 Drive has the potential to help thousands get back on the road legally.

Eligible offenses would include:

  • No valid driver's license.
  • Expired driver's license.
  • Improper driver's license.
  • Misdemeanor driving while license suspended or revoked.

Those who are not eligible are:

  • Sex offenders.
  • People whose licenses were suspended because of major criminal traffic offenses.
  • Non-Florida residents. ​

If you have a violation before May 21 and the case is still open, a judge will have to approve a defendant to go into the program.

Call Court Options to find out how to get into the program at 904-903-4293.