Kimberly Kessler, suspect in Joleen Cummings disappearance, made first court appearance

Kimberly Kessler, the sole suspect in the disappearance of Nassau County mother, Joleen Cummings, will face a judge in court at 3 p.m. Tuesday.

Cummings has not been seen alive since May 2018.

Kessler is accused of kidnapping and murdering the mother of three.

Some are questioning whether the state has enough evidence to convict Kessler of the crime.

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Kessler's legal team is working to keep certain evidence out of the public eye including interviews, FDLE DNA results, and text messages, to name a few.

Current evidence released shows who appears to be Kessler on surveillance video at a Gate gas station dressed in all black the morning investigators said Cummings failed to pick up her children.

Minutes before Kessler was seen at the gas station, surveillance cameras captured Cummings' car driving nearby.

Kessler's lawyer also told the judge she believes with high media and social media attention, it could become difficult to choose a jury in Nassau County.

The Sheriff's Office provided this information in regards to Kessler's appearance in court, “Green jumpsuit from us classifying her as high risk, requiring two deputies on her, due to her charge. Mask is due to her refusing to submit to a TB test... as a precaution."

Joleen's mother, Anne Johnson spoke after the hearing, quoting her daughters devotional book and says she wants the trial to be held in Nassau county and is hopeful Joleen's remains will be found. 
"I pray with all my heart that my daughters remains will be found. It's been 255 days, 255 days, is there such a thing as closure? No. There is no such thing, but I would like to bring my daughter home."

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