Kitten rescued from top of Dames Point Bridge in Jacksonville

PHOTO GALLERY: Kitten rescued on Dames Point Bridge

A kitten is now safe after construction workers rescued a kitten at the top of the Dames Point Bridge, the Jacksonville Humane Society said.

Construction workers were working on a project on top of the bridge on Sunday morning when one of the workers heard the five-week-old kitten cry.

JHS said they found the kitten huddled behind a piece of concrete. The workers pulled the kitten from the concrete and gave it water and food, including string cheese and a granola bar.

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They took the kitten to the Jacksonville Humane Society. After the kitten's examination, the veterinarian said that aside from needing to gain some weight, the animal was healthy, JHS said.

The kitten, named Dames Point, will spend the next 3-4 weeks in a foster home.

“This is just one example of the many acts of compassion that happen in Jacksonville every day,” said JHS executive director Denise Deisler. “Dames Point’s rescuers already have a dangerous job, and knowing that they took a risk to save this kitten is generosity at its best.”

Visit the Jacksonville Humane Society's website for more information on Dames Point and the other animals in need.