• Kitten thrown from car window in Jacksonville, needs home

    By: Brittney Donovan , Action News Jax


    A Jacksonville woman said she was driving over the Dames Point Bridge with her boyfriend on their way to a graduation party when he saw something.

    “He was just, like, ‘I think that’s a cat.’ And I was, like, ‘I don’t think so but I believe you. We’ll turn around,'” Jessie DiAngelis said.

    She said they circled back to the north side of the bridge and drove slowly, until they saw the animal again.

    “We tried to pull over but there’s not a full shoulder on that bridge and we almost got hit. We didn’t want to scare the cat into traffic so we were, like, 'Let’s try to call JSO,'” DiAngelis said.

    Video shows a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office deputy helping to rescue the kitten from a drainage pipe on the bridge.

    “He was still in the same spot for probably like an hour with his butt facing traffic and his head facing water. It was probably like a 50-foot-drop,” DiAngelis said.

    The kitten’s eye was badly hurt, and his lip was sagging.

    “I just felt so bad driving the whole way. Every little bump, he would just pick his head up and cry,” she said. “He was just breathing really hard and we didn’t think he would make it.”

    DiAngelis said she took him to a veterinarian, who said he had likely been tossed from a car on the bridge.

    “Unfortunately, it is very common for them to find cats and kittens to be just thrown out the window when people are just going over the bridges,” she said.

    After 2 ½ weeks at a pet clinic and donations from strangers, the 8-week-old kitten is almost healed.

    DiAngelis’ roommates named him Mad-Eye, after the Harry Potter character.

    DiAngelis is now looking for a loving home for him.

    “He loves to be held by people,” she said. “Remarkably, he just loves people. I don’t know why, based off everything that’s happened to him.”

    She said anyone interested in giving Mad-Eye a loving home is welcome to email her by clicking HERE.

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