• KKK vandalism not getting erased

    By: Jamie Smith


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Right across the street from a church in Northwest Jacksonville sits an offensive eyesore - a house vandalized the first week of July that still hasn't been fixed.

    Fourteen windows were smashed and KKK is spray-painted all over the exterior.

    Anyone driving down racially-mixed Ridge Boulevard can see it plainly.

    "I just think it's crazy," said neighbor Natalie Franklin.

    City officials told Action News on Tuesday that nobody has filed a complaint, so the city hasn't been out there to cover up the offensive vandalism.

    "If they do it, they would get a contractor and I would have to pay the contractor that they employed to do that," said homeowner Audrey Parker.

    But Parker, who grew up in the house, is battling breast cancer and claims she can't afford to clean up the mess in a place that was vandalized just days after her last tenants moved out.

    "I can't do it.  I can't pay anybody to do it," Parker told Action News.

    She believes this wasn't done out of racial prejudice, but by a fellow African American with whom she's had a long-running dispute.

    "It's nothing racial," she said.

    To avoid seeing it though, Parker said she avoids driving down that street now.

    Her neighbors, however, can't avoid seeing it.

    "I am offended; I was wondering when they were going to do something about it or paint over it," said Franklin.

    As for the investigation, detectives from the sheriff's office said they need a break in this case from a possible eyewitness.

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