Latitude 360 CEO accused of hitting process server with car

A 64-year-old grandmother is accusing Latitude 360 CEO Brent Brown of hitting her with his Range Rover on Wednesday morning.

She’s a process server who said she was trying to serve Brown with court papers outside of his gated San Marco home.

She caught the aftermath on video with her cellphone.

“You’re going to be in trouble for trying to run over somebody,” said the process server in that video.

“Yeah, right,” said Brown.

“You hurt my elbow. I’ve got a scrape on my elbow,” said the woman.

“You attacked me. You slammed my car, damaged my car,” said Brown.

That process server, who did not want to be identified because she does undercover work, said she was in fear for her life.

“Even as it was happening, I was saying, ‘There’s no way he’s going to do this. There’s no way he’s going to do this.’ But he kept coming,” she told Action News Jax. “He should be ashamed of himself, as a man. He’s not a man. No man would do that.”

She said her elbows and knee are injured.

Brown was on his way to a deposition because failed hotspot Latitude 360 hasn’t paid the $100,000 judgment the company owes its former chief financial officer, Craig Phillips.

It’s one of nearly a dozen lawsuits against Brown and the now shut-down restaurant, arcade and movie theater.

“You can’t do this,” Brown said to Phillips’ attorney, Mark Rubin, when Action News Jax walked into the deposition.

“I’m not doing anything. The media showed up,” said Rubin.

Brown stood up and walked out of the deposition.

“I refuse to sit here and do a deposition in front of the media,” said Brown.

As he walked away, Action News Jax questioned him about the process server’s accusations.

“I was attacked,” said Brown. “She jumped on my car.… I’ve already called, contacted police.”

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers showed up to Brown’s home a few hours later, took a statement from him and left.

“I’m five-foot-two. I’m 64-years-old. You really think I’m out jumping on top of Range Rovers?” she said.

The deposition that Brown walked out of on Wednesday morning was to find out where Latitude 360’s money went.

Rubin said he still has questions about Brown’s web of other companies.

“There are some concerns about whether some of those funds were deviated from the main company into those companies,” said Rubin.

The State Attorney’s Office has been investigating Latitude 360 for months.