Lawyers for Daniel Rowe's family say his death could have been prevented

A new lawsuit claims that crime was problem around the Blind Rabbit restaurant in Riverside before a young dad was murdered in July 2015.

The family of Daniel Rowe filed a wrongful death suit against the restaurant's property owner.

"That has been a repeated story, robbery and get away in this area, in this vicinity for way too long," said Attorney Howard Butler, one of two attorneys representing Rowe's family.

It's the same script but a different cast, Butler said.

Rowe's family is suing the property owners for the Blind Rabbit, 901 King Street LLC, for wrongful death.

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This week, police charged 25-year-old Erron Markese Coleman for Rowe's murder. It's a death Butler and Attorney Zachary Von Roenn said could have been prevented.

"Measures sure could have been taken, whether that could be surveillance, adequate lighting, securing the common areas of the property," said Von Roenn.

Action News Jax did some digging and found out there were four robberies and one shooting near the Blind Rabbit dating back to July 2013. All of these incidents happened before Rowe was shot.

Andrew Pica comes to Riverside often. He said he's never had any problems, but admits things can be safer.

"There are some sketchy people that hang out at that gas station at night," said Pica.

We reached out to the property owner, 901 King Street LLC. A spokesperson said the owner is out of town until the end of August.

Police are still looking for a second suspect in Rowe’s murder.