• Report: Drunk man fell asleep with exposed buttocks near Loretto Elementary


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - STORY: Students at Atlantic Coast High School uncomfortable after social media posts

    UPDATE: The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said they arrested William Ellis, 51, for trespassing and disorderly intoxication. 

    Ellis told police he didn't know where he was and that he was an alcoholic. 

    In the report, a teacher said she had spotted Ellis lying down with his buttocks exposed at the rear of the school. 


    Loretto Elementary School in Jacksonville sent a letter home to parents Wednesday after a "partially undressed" individual was found asleep on campus. 

    The elementary school notified the parents of it's students that the individual had fallen asleep on campus and students alerted school officials Wednesday morning. 

    According to the letter, law enforcement was called to remove the individual from campus. 

    The school board sent this statement: 

    "Duval County Public Schools has firm policies against loitering and unauthorized visitors. Visitors are required to check into the school office, state their purpose for being on campus, and if authorized, receive a visitor’s badge.

    Administrators, teachers and school staff at Loretto and all schools are trained to notice whether people have required identification, and take appropriate action if an unauthorized person is noticed. Schools regularly conduct drills to practice their response for these scenarios.

    Additionally, the Loretto leadership team and other school staff continuously monitor and walk the grounds of their school. As a result of the incident, the school has instituted a schedule with increased patrols of the school grounds and surrounding areas.

    The safety of our students, staff and campuses are of utmost importance and we are thankful for the swift action of students, staff and law enforcement in regards to the unauthorized individual who was on school grounds on Wednesday.

    We are especially proud of the two students who saw the individual through the window and reported it. The “see something, say something” approach is a great example of the critical role students play in safety and prevention."

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