• Lillie's in Neptune Beach to close

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. - Drink after drink was prepared Friday morning at Lillie’s Coffee Bar in Neptune Beach.

    A steady flow of people came in to support this business that will soon be no more.

    “We’ve been here a little under five-and-a-half years.” said Lillie’s manager, Joe D’Alesio.

    He said they’ve had a good run, but have decided to close after they couldn’t negotiate a lease agreement with their landlord. Locals like Emily Markey were hoping this wouldn’t be the end.

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    “I'm really sad. That's why I’m here today. We’re super sad to see this place close down,” said Markey.

    Just five minutes down the road near Pablo Plaza, another handful of small businesses are also having to close or relocate.

    Ken Rahaim Juro, the owner of Rahaim’s Walls and Floors said they got a notice four weeks ago that the strip mall was going to be renovated, and other companies would take over.

    “Big corporate giants want to come in and take over and get more rent than we're paying,” said Juro.

    While Rahaim’s will be relocating, the manager of  Lillie’s said they will mosst likely be closing for good.

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