• List: The top 10 weird Florida stories on Facebook in 2016


    Let's just be honest: The Sunshine State can't be matched when it comes to weird stories -- many of them involving interactions with alligators (or other deadly animals).

    Without further ado, here's the 10 most popular "only in Florida" stories that ran on ActionNewsJax.com's Facebook page in 2016: 

    No. 1: Florida man throws alligator into Wendy's from the drive-thru

    No. 2: Strangers show up at hospital with gifts for baby 

    No. 3: Florida shark looks like 'Bruce' in Finding Nemo

    No. 4: Dozens of gators spotted in Florida lake 

    5. Atlantic Beach man wins $2 million on scratch-off just before his birthday

    No. 6: Jacksonville man threatens to sell son's car because of "dope"

    No. 7: Florida man thinks alligator in tree with actually a lizard

    No. 8: No one knows exactly what this is on a Jacksonville street

    No. 9: Alligators didn't actually escape the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine during hurricane

    No. 10: Killer flesh-eating screwworm discovered in Florida

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