9-year-old boy critically injured after shot at Jacksonville home

Neighbors: DCF removed kids after child shot in head

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Action News Jax Investigates has uncovered new details about a child who was shot at a home on Alexandra Drive in North Jacksonville.

According to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office incident report, the child was shot in the head.

But that's not the story the child told paramedics.

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  • A 9-year-old child was shot once in the head at a home off Alexandra Drive Monday afternoon.

  • Two children had the gun at time when the gun went off, injuring the child

  • Rescue personnel were told that the child was dropped on a football helmet, sources tell Action News Jax

  • Another child apologized and said he let the boy slip through his arms, causing him to fall and hit a football helmet, sources tell Action News Jax

  • The people inside the home told the police that there were no guns inside the home, sources tell Action News Jax

  • The child was taken to a local hospital in critical condition 

  • Neighbors tell us the home where the incident happened is being used as a foster home. We are working to confirm with officials

  • Residents, along with the child that was with the injured child during the incident, were interviewed by police

  • Neighbors tell Action News Jax that the kids were taken from the home by the Florida Department of Children and Families

Sources told us the 9-year-old’s brother told first responders that the injured child had slipped through his arms, fallen and hit his head on a football helmet.

After medical staff at UF Health took a closer look at the boy's head, they found a bullet fragment.

Our sources said the shooting happened 10 minutes after the parents left to run an errand.

Our Action News Jax sources told us there were two kids involved in the incident.

They were both at home with another family member when the 9-year-old got hurt.

At last check, the hospital told Action News Jax investigator Courtney Cole that the 9-year-old is in critical condition.


The mother told JSO there were no guns inside the home.

Cole knocked on the door of the Alexandra Drive home to see if anyone could tell her what had happened, but no one answered.

Cole spoke to neighbors who live nearby. They told her the home is a foster home.

The Florida Department of Children and Families said it can’t confirm that due to privacy laws.

Cole also asked the agency how many kids are living in the home and what the weapons policy is for foster parents.

She’s still waiting to hear back.

As of now, JSO has not said whether anyone is facing charges.

Cole talked to Dale Carson, our Action News Jax law and safety expert, to learn the legal consequences the parents could face.

Carson said that if the parents knew about the weapon and failed to secure it, they could face misdemeanor charges.

"If there's a serious injury to the child, that homeowner, that foster parent can be charged with a felony charge,” Carson said.

According to the The Florida Department of Children and Families, in order to qualify as a potential foster parent candidates must participate in a home study and a home inspection and pass a child abuse and criminal background check.

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