• Local church defends ‘Homosexuals Must Repent or Go to Hell' sign

    By: Larry Spruill


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The First Conservative Baptist Church in Mandarin stands behind its sign and its name. Last week, the church put up a sign that reads, "Homosexuals Must Repent or Go to Hell."

    "I lived here almost 10 years and I never been offended by anything they ever had on that sign until this week,” Cate Dobbins said.

    Dobbins started a petition online, demanding the church to take the sign down.

    “I called the church and left my name and number and no one called me back,” Dobbins said.

    Our cameras were rolling Sunday morning as Dobbins went to the church to show the pastor her letter and petition, but she was stopped by church members.

    The pastor didn’t want to talk to Action News on camera, but did send our newsroom a three-page letter, stating, “I was aware of the controversy from the sign, but this church feels it is needful to keep our citizens informed and be relevant through the word of God.”

    The letter goes on to state the pastor is grateful to preach God’s word at a time when he says our religious freedom and constitutional liberties are under attack.

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