Local man claims debit card skimmed while purchasing gas at Jacksonville gas station

Local man falls victim to gas station skimmer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Foruth of July is almost here and that means millions of people will be hitting the roads.

A record-high 41.4 million Americans are expected to travel by vehicle, according to AAA.

It’s a prime time for card skimmers to be placed at gas pumps.

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A Jacksonville man said his debit card was skimmed at a popular gas station.


Arley Baker said his last purchase on the card was $20 for gas at the Gate station on Touchton Road and Southside Boulevard.

Two hours later, he said his bank called him about three suspicious charges totaling around $180.

“From now on, I’m using a credit card. That way there’s no way they can get my debit account,” Baker said.

He’s warning others to watch out when fueling up at gas stations.

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“Since that’s happened I’ve gone inside now and paid,” Baker said. “Just be careful. Check your seals.”

Action News Jax contact to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for the latest skimmer numbers.

It shows there were 102 skimmers found in Florida in the last month.

So far in 2019, 22 skimmers were removed from gas stations in Duval County.

For more information about card skimming and to report one to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, click HERE.

A representative from Gate Petroleum sent Action News Jax the following statement:

Over the last year, Gate has upgraded all its pumps. Now if anyone tries to open the door to install a skimmer, the pump is disabled and an alarm sounds.