Local military wife giving free haircuts to Coast Guard families as shutdown continues

Camden County

It’s been a month since the partial government shutdown began, with no solution in sight.

A local hair stylist is doing her part to help struggling military families.

Cara Smith works at Cosmo Bleu Salon in Kingsland. She’s offering free haircuts to Active Duty Coast Guard members and their families.

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“It warms my heart to know I can help another military family in need,” said Smith.

There are hundreds of these families in our area. Because of the government shutdown, Coast Guard members are working without pay and have already missed one paycheck.

Smith plans to offer the free haircuts as long as the government is closed.

She had at least three Coast Guard related customers on Monday afternoon alone.

“They always want to give you a hug or tip you,” said Smith. “Of course, I’m not going to take somebody’s tips, especially when they’re not getting paid.”