Local mother of 5 killed in crash following overnight nursing shift

Five young girls have lost their mother following a fatal crash in Clay County.

The Florida Highway Patrol says 30-year-old Caitlin Magliochetti lost control of her SUV on County Road 217 for an unknown reason early Saturday morning, drove onto the grassy shoulder, spun around into a water-filled ditch and then hit a concrete culvert at Memory Lane before overturning a number of Times. She died at the scene.

PHOTOS: Local mother of five dies in crash

“I can’t believe this is happening,” says her mother Kathryn Booth. “She was late coming home and I kept calling her and texting her and calling her and she never called me back."

Booth tells Action News Jax Magliochetti was a nurse and was temporarily working the overnight shift at St. Vincent’s Southside and believes she fell asleep at the wheel.

According to The World Health Organization, it classifies night shift work as a possible carcinogen because it disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm.

Insurance companies estimate 52 percent of car crashes occur within 5 miles of a person’s home.

Magliochetti was exactly 5 miles away.

Booth says it is heartbreaking for the children and her daughters husband.

“I don’t know how we are going to do with her five girls,” says Booth. “but we will have to be strong and stick together.”