Local student desperate to get her parents out of Kabul

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — “I asked my mom please stay at home,” said Fahima, a former Afghan translator.

Although Fahima is here in the U.S., studying to be a nurse at the College of Coastal Georgia, the rest of her family is stuck in Kabul.

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Her mother tried to make it to the airport Thursday morning after Fahima begged her not to.

“She said, I have to go, because if I don’t go, then we only have five more days left before the Americans are gone forever, and we have to give it a try, and so she went to the airport.”

Her parents didn’t make it in time due to the crowds.

“She fell down and, I think, hurt her knee, so I had to call my cousins to come and help her.”

Her cousins made signs trying to get the U.S. soldiers’ attention, writing ‘Translators parents’ and ‘American.’

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She says they were about to go into the water, where hundreds of others were, to get closer to the soldiers when, she says, “The explosion happened. They could have gone and been in there, and my heart goes out for all those people that died. I have pictures of them showing up their documents and hoping for a better life.”

She hasn’t been able to eat or sleep, knowing her family is in danger.

“It’s just breaking my heart just to see them go through all of that, the desperation,” says Fahima while holding back tears.