• Logan Mott sentencing hearing day 2: 'He lived in a battleground'

    By: Lorena Inclan , Action News Jax


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    On day two of the sentencing hearing for the teen who was convicted of killing his grandma, we heard vivid details from a clinical psychologist who saw him after the murder.

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    Dr. Marty Beyer met with Logan Mott for 11 hours over two days following the murder of Kristina French. During that time, she concluded Mott suffered through many traumas in his young life that she believes affected his behavior.

    Mott's childhood and adolescence were not easy.

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    This is how she referred to the atmosphere in which he lived.

    "The experience for Logan as a child and an adolescent was that he lived in a battleground that continued," Beyer said. 

    Mott bounced back and forth between his mom's home in Missouri and his dad's home in Neptune Beach. The two parents never really saw eye to eye when it came to discipline and keeping track of Mott's blood glucose levels.

    It was Mott's diabetes diagnosis when he was 10 that was especially devastating.

    "It erased his life goal of becoming, of excelling in the military," Beyer said.

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    It was a life goal that Logan Mott believed would have made his father proud of him.

    One of the traumas that Mott experienced was in high school when his first love humiliated him on social media after they broke up.

    He also lost contact with his step-grandfather when French divorced him. Mott looked up to his step-grandfather, with whom he shared fond memories.

    Mott increasingly became depressed as the years went on and he turned to alcohol, sentencing testimony revealed.

    Beyer said Mott's teenaged brain wasn't fully developed to handle these challenges.

    As part of the plea agreement, Mott could get anywhere between 15 and 40 years in prison. He would serve his sentence in juvenile detention until he turns 21 years old. 

    On Friday, we will hear from Mott's mom, who is traveling from Missouri to testify.

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