Man accused of killing wife, 4 kids seen in Jacksonville days before arrest

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — UPDATED STORY: Ex-wife of accused murderer Michael Jones tells her side of the story

According to the Marion County Sheriff's Office, Michael Jones was in Jacksonville at some point after allegedly killing his family.

Action News Jax reporter Dani Bozzini spoke with Jones' ex-wife who lives in an apartment complex in Jacksonville. --Watch the full interview here

Authorities say Jones is cooperating in the investigation into the deaths of his wife and her four children, but he has not given a motive.

Authorities are waiting on the autopsy results for the bodies found to determine whether they can charge Jones with all five deaths.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office tells Action News Jax that Jones made a stop in Jacksonville with their bodies after leaving Summerfield, Florida.

He then went to Charlton and Brantley County, Georgia where their bodies were found, according to authorities.

A neighbor who lives near Jones' ex-wife told Action News Jax he saw Jones there several times in the last month.

A resident in a Mandarin apartment complex tells Action News Jax he's seen Michael Jones staying at his apartment building several times this past month.

‘What was his demeanor to you?'

Alexander responds, "I would say a little brash holding the head down walking in a certain manner. He didn't really have a really good disposition about himself."

After telling Alexander that Jones has been accused of killing his wife Casei and four kids he exclaimed, "That's the guy that was here? Wow, wow in this building? Yeah, felt very uncomfortable when he was around."

Marion County Sheriff's office says there's reason to believe Jones was in Jacksonville with the dead bodies before getting pulled over and arrested in Georgia.

Action News Jax met Jones' ex-wife Sarah Jones today at her apartment.

"Did he stay here with you?"

Jones replies through a crack in her door, "I have no comment, thank you."

And while not every neighbor saw Jones at this apartment complex, they're terrified to think he may have stayed here.

Nearby neighbor Maria Arritea says, "It's so scary to think that somebody who would do something like that could have been here at the park or walking around and my kids are here."

The Marion County Sheriff's Office says they're still waiting on autopsies for Casei and the four kids.

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