Man arrested for allegedly threatening to kill Yulee High School student

A former Yulee High School student was arrested for sending text messages that allegedly threatened a teenage girl's life.

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — A former Yulee High School student, Triston Cook, 18, faces serious charges after he was accused of sending threatening texts to a teenage girl.



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One text read, "I got a 12 gauge slug with your brains name written all over it."

The message thread then goes on to say, "I know where your house is, don't make me have someone pay you a visit."

Allie Threlkeld and her friend Ameera Yousef are college students.

“You have to be careful,” Threlkeld said.

Threlkeld and Yousef both agree threats should not be taken lightly.

“There are two sides to every story, but you can’t expect to threaten someone and get away with it,”  Threlkeld added.

“There was something wrong with him, obviously. He has some mental issues and anger issues that need to be addressed. Hopefully he gets the help that he needs,” Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said.

Leeper says even if it’s a joke, his deputies investigate each and every threat as potentially credible.

“When you send it out in the technology atmosphere, someone will capture it and it will come back to haunt you,” Leeper explained.

Nassau County Schools stood with Leeper to reiterate the message that all threats are taken seriously.

“Better to be safe than sorry, than going to bed scared every night that he is going to do that, and I know it gives parents a peace of mind,” said Threlkeld.

Leeper said Cook asked for a lawyer after police questioned him about the threatening texts.

Cook is facing charges of making written threats to kill or do bodily injury and disturbing the peace of a school campus.

Leeper said a risk protection order is something Nassau County Sheriff's Office is looking into, but it is up to the judge to decide if one needs to be issued in this case.

The full transcript of the threatening text message is below. Beware, the text is graphic and may be disturbing to some readers.


"Hey dumb b**** next time you wanna do some stupid s*** like you did today just remember that I got a .12 gauge slug with your brains name written all over it. Get the f*** out of her life, nobody gives a f*** ab you go make up another sexual assault story you stupid b****. Grow the f*** up. You're f****** r******* an nobody even likes you."

"It ain't a f***** joke. I know where your house is don't make me have someone pay you a visit."

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