Man says Jacksonville cop threatened him with jail for crossing street illegally

UPDATE: The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has confirmed the citation issued to Devonte Shipman has been dropped. The paperwork said that the citation was "issued in error."

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is reviewing video of an officer's heated interaction with a man cited for crossing the street illegally.
Action News Jax brought the video to JSO — and spoke with the man who shot the footage.

It happened Tuesday near the intersection of Arlington and Lillian Roads. The man involved crossed the street with the red hand up — which is against the law.

A JSO officer quickly approached Devonte Shipman, 21, who took the video. He said he started rolling when he and a friend were stopped by the police.

“What was it that we did wrong, officer?” Shipman asks in the video.

“You crossed,” the officer responded. “Take your camera and point it across there at the red hand. That is a crosswalk.

“One, you weren't in the crosswalk. Two, there was a red sign you both crossed on. That's a $65 ticket apiece. Get into my car.  You are being legally detained.”

“I will put you in jail. Walk to my car. I'm about to put you in jail.”

“For what?” Shipman asked.

“Disobeying a direct order,” the officer replied.  “Resisting without — walk to my car.”

“That is not resisting, officer,” Shipman said.

“Listen to me, I am doing you a favor,” the officer replied.  “I'm not telling you again.”

In the video, the two men go back and forth over the legality of what happened.

“I'm going to tell you, Devonte, right now, I have given you the last warning,” the officer said.

“OK,” Shipman responded.

Shipman contended before he started rolling the video, he didn’t say or do anything to make the officer upset. Shipman was cited for crossing where he did and not having his ID.

“I'm going to fight it. Take it to court,” Shipman said. “I feel like that was wrong on his end.”

Action News Jax Crime and Safety Expert Ken Jefferson agreed.

“It's just way over the top,” Jefferson said.  “Let [Shipman] go, give him a warning and let him go. You’re most needed where the crime is occurring, more serious crimes are occurring.”