Man shot, robbed of ice cream sandwich and 4-pack of Miller Lite

Man shot, robbed of ice cream sandwich and 4-pack of Miller Lite

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A man was shot in the stomach during a robbery Wednesday night at a Shell gas station on Golfair Boulevard, but the robber didn't get away with much. The loot: an ice cream sandwich and a 4-pack of beer.

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According to a police report, the man who was shot told a responding officer that a man dressed in all black walked up to him outside the gas station and pulled out a black handgun. The robber then took his ice cream sandwich and 4-pack of Miller Lite and shot him in the stomach.

The clerk behind the counter at the gas station told police he heard what he thought was a firecracker go off outside the store before the man who was robbed came inside and told the clerk he had been shot. The clerk then locked the door and called the police.

Another witness who pulled up to get gas shortly after the shooting told police he tried to walk into the gas station after the doors were locked. The man who was shot walked outside shortly after and told the witness that he had been shot.

The witness told police he didn't believe the man until he unzipped his jacket, exposing his blood-soaked shirt.

Police said the man who was shot wasn't able to give a clear description of the shooter due to his "disabling physical condition at the scene."

The police report said no one witnessed the shooting other than the man who was shot, and he wasn't able to provide very much information.

Though it was unclear exactly where the shooting took place, a bullet casing was found in the parking lot 20 feet away from the victim's car.

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