• Man's windshield hit with object as he drove under Oakleaf overpass

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Mike Barriere makes a routine drive down Brannan Field Road weekly. But he said the drive was anything but routine just a few days ago.

    "When I drove by Oakleaf Plantation, I heard a loud noise hit my vehicle," said Barriere. 

    He said he was driving under an overpass when he heard it.

    "I own a lot of guns and to me, it sounded like a gunshot," said Barriere.

    In a police report from the Clay County Sheriff's Office, Barriere said after he heard that loud noise, he noticed a crack in the right side of his windshield.

    Just last month, Action News spoke to another man in Jacksonville whose car was hit by a brick thrown from an overpass.

    "If it would've hit in the middle of the window, I have no doubt it would have come inside the car," said Stephen Barber.

    Both men are OK, but Barriere said he reported the incident to police to bring awareness to what he went through and to try and to catch whoever did it.

    "The reason I felt compelled to call the Jacksonville or Clay County Sheriff's Office was because in case there is someone out there trying to damage vehicles," said Barriere. 

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