• Many Florida children taken to adult trauma centers, not pediatric facility

    By: Russell Colburn


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Many children in Florida are taken to adult care centers in an emergency instead of pediatric facilities, which are equipped to handle traumas.

    Justin Davis, 9, was a Pop Warner football star in Jacksonville. He was a running back who just loved to be on the field. But back in April of 2012, he crossed this busy street, trying to get some snacks at a nearby convenience store when a car collided with him.

    Paramedics found Davis unconscious in the road. According to the Tampa Bay Times, his skull was fractured and his brain was swelling and bleeding. The Times said, instead of taking him to the pediatric facility, paramedics took him to an adult trauma center which was closer.

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    But they couldn't treat his brain injuries, and by the time medical personnel got him to a pediatric center it was too late. Justin never woke up.

    The Times reports that Florida guidelines require children with traumatic injuries to be treated at facilities that specialize in pediatric care. But, often they are taken to a closer adult care center instead.

    The Times calls it an unintended consequence of Florida's trauma system expanding.

    The Times looked at cases from the last four years, finding more than 100 patients under the age of 16 who wound up at new trauma centers, and more than 60 children had to be transferred to another hospital.

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