• Mayport sailor victim of home invasion robbery, throat slashing

    By: Courtney Cole , Action News Jax


    A local sailor's throat was slashed in a home break-in at Monterey Condominiums on Beach Boulevard.

    Action News Jax first reported Wednesday night the victim was allegedly held at gunpoint by three men.

    Action News Jax reporter Courtney Cole spoke to neighbors today who said they were never told there was a violent crime at the complex.

    Cole reached out to community managers to find out if they plan to take any additional safety measures at the gated community. Management said they had no comment.

    "You never expect to hear anything like that happening within a couple hundred yards of where you lay your head at night,” said David Muth.

    Muth, a resident here at Monterey Condominiums, is talking about the home invasion that happened at the complex on Tuesday.

    "I heard about it just this afternoon. I had no idea it had even happened,” said Muth.

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    Action News Jax got the JSO incident report that says a neighbor heard a commotion and found the victim, Jose Rosas, holding his neck.

    Rosas told the neighbor he had been attacked by three men who slit his throat.

    On Thursday, Action News Jax confirmed the victim is a sailor stationed at Mayport.

    Bill Austin, the NS Mayport public affairs officer said: "They're thankful he's alive and their thoughts and prayers are with him as he recovers from this horrible incident."

    Some neighbors Cole spoke to say they don't feel like their safety is threatened here in this gated community.

    "This is, like I said, really the first time there’s ever been cause for any kind of concern, so I still feel pretty good,” Muth said.

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    "I’d like to think it’s isolated. I don’t really feel like my safety is jeopardized,” said Christopher Thornton, also a neighbor at the Monterey Condominiums Complex.

    Cole used the JSO crime-mapping tool to find out how often robberies happen in this area.

    She looked at the time span of May 12, 2018 to Nov. 7, 2018. (The crime-mapping tool would not show dates back any further than that.)

    There have been a total of nine robberies within a 2-mile radius in that time period.

    The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says no arrests have been made in this incident.

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