• Minor flooding expected at Black Creek

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Charlie Highhouse has lived near the Black Creek for more than 20 years. He says he's become accustomed to the flooding when it rains.

    "After the rain maybe 10, 12 hours after the rain, it comes up high and will cross the road and come to the corner of my yard," said Highhouse.

    Clay County Emergency Management says 4 to 5 inches of rain have accumulated in the area over the last couple of days.

    They say the Black Creek could rise to 15.5 feet sometime Saturday night, which they say could cause minor flooding.

    Highhouse says that's upsetting news for he and his neighbors.

    "Some of them have just recovered from some of the last floods," said Highhouse.

    He says he hopes the rains will hold out so water will stay in the creek.

    So far he says he and his neighbors are OK. 

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