• Missing, disabled Jacksonville mom, son found with stranger

    By: Jenna Bourne , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The search for a missing mother and her 5-year-old son is over, but the investigation into where they were found is just getting started.

    Sade Brown’s mother, Sabrina Brown, said her daughter and grandson, Josiah, disappeared on Saturday. 

    Family members told Action News Jax that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office found them late Tuesday afternoon.

    Somebody saw Sade Brown and Josiah and called JSO.

    JSO pinged her cell phone to a motel on Arlington Expressway. She was there with a man who her family said is much older than her.

    Family said Sade Brown said she would send her son back home to his grandmother, but didn’t want to go back home herself.

    Family says they feel she is being preyed on. They said Sade Brown has a learning disability and cannot read, drive or even take the bus on her own.

    They’re worried she was vulnerable and someone may have taken advantage of her.

    “We don’t know if someone may have, you know, taken her. Certainly, with her mental development, they can take advantage of her and manipulate her. Josiah is only 5 years old,” cousin Pekela Riley said.

    For days, Sade Brown’s mother feared the worst.

    “I woke up screaming, because I was in the house by myself and it’s, like, I just, I couldn’t take it, because Lord, Lord, it’s too many days have passed. And I have no information, no nothing. I just, I just want them back home,” Sabrina Brown said before her daughter and grandson were found.

    Action News Jax will continue to follow up with the family and JSO to obtain the details of what led up to Sade and Josiah Brown’s temporary disappearance.

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