• Mom blames Arlington elementary school for children's lice problem

    By: Alyana Gomez


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Eight times in six months is how often Brandy Thomas' two daughters were sent home from school for head lice.

    Thomas told Action News it has been an ongoing problem that started once her kids began attending Woodland Acres Elementary School in Arlington.

    “Each time I get called, I have to treat my children's hair with a pesticide I have to get from the doctor's office,” Thomas said. 

    That's just the start of what she calls a grueling and expensive process.

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    “You have to wash sheets and blankets numerous times in hot water, dry them. You have to vacuum, spray your linens and furniture down to make sure that everything is killed and gone,” Thomas said.  

    Thomas spends about $150 each time.

    “It's gotten to the point to when little kids come to my house, I have to stop them at the door to check heads to see if they have eggs in their hair, because I'm not letting them in my house if they have it in their hair,” Thomas said.

    Action News called the Department of Health, who partners with the district. The department said that the schools are required to send the students home and accept them back into school once they've been thoroughly treated.

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    They're also required to do follow up checks for each student within 10 days of their first lice treatment.

    Thomas feels that's not being done.

    “I just want to know who is held accountable now? As a parent, where is this going to end?” Thomas said. 

    The Department of Health said if a school sees a recurring problem, it’s up to them to contact the Department of Health for help.

    Action News is waiting to find out if Woodland Acres has done so, and if more preventive measures can be done.

    The Department of Health does offer financial assistance for parents who may not be able to pay for treatment.

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