• Mom says school employees didn't intervene in middle school daughter's fight

    By: Amanda Warford


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Video of a fight between at least three students at Jefferson Davis Middle School Monday prompted the mother of one of the students to file a complaint with Duval County Public Schools.

    Regina Caldwell said her seventh-grade daughter was jumped twice Monday on the track outside the school. The incidents, she said, were within minutes of each other, and the mother believes a coach who was reportedly standing nearby didn’t do enough to protect her daughter.

    Now she is demanding answers from the district.

    “Staff could've diffused this,” Caldwell told Action News.

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    We went to the district for answers. Spokesperson Tia Ford said that the expectations for educators to contribute to student safety is laid out in state law, and further specified in staff contracts that vary from position to position. She also pointed us to the state’s Code of Ethics for educators, which we found says staff shall make reasonable effort to protect the student from harmful conditions.  

    Late Tuesday, the principal of Jefferson Davis Middle confirmed to district officials that she will investigate and based on the findings, disciplinary actions will be determined if appropriate.

    Caldwell hopes those answers come soon.

    “You put all of your faith into the school system to protect and educate your child while you’re not there, and I feel like they failed my daughter and they failed myself to have faith in the system,” said Caldwell.

    A second parent of another student involved in the fight also contacted Action News with questions regarding the incident late Tuesday night.

    Ford said there is no timeline for how long the investigation could be open.

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