• More than 15 cars burglarized in Orange Park

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    ORANGE PARK, Fla. - A quiet neighborhood in Orange Park is shaken up after a rash of car burglaries this week.

    The Clay County Sheriffs Office says more than 15 vehicles were ransacked, three of them in Margaret Bass’ yard.

    “When I pulled in, the light on the truck was on,” said Bass.

    Bass said she realized someone went through two of her family’s trucks and an SUV.

    She said she immediately called police.

    “I was standing out here on the phone with the operator and she was like, ‘If you see or hear anything, call us back,’ and I come back out here and all the car alarms in the neighborhood were going off,” said Bass.

    The Sheriff’s Office said they sent out their K-9 unit but weren’t able to catch the thieves.

    It was a scene Bass wasn’t used to.

    “We typically don't have a lot of trouble in here,” said Bass.

    Detective Patrick Vitellaro said this is the kind of neighborhood that thieves would target.

    “We don't have them at apartment complexes because there's people coming and going. They go to quiet neighborhoods where people work during the day and sleep at night,” said Vitellaro.

    Bass said now that neighbors are on the lookout, she hopes the burglars don’t come back.

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