More than a dozen Southside neighbors woke up to their car windows smashed out

Police are looking for suspects who smashed the windows of a dozen cars and stole a truck, crashing it into an ATM.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Police are investigating after more than a dozen people woke up at Crescent Ridge near Hodges and Atlantic to find their cars burglarized Sunday morning.

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Neighbors found their windows smashed out at the complex around 7 a.m.

Crissy McNamara was one of the residents who was shocked to learn what happened.

“Ten years and this has never happened before, so I’m really kind of surprised this morning,” McNamara said.

Several of her neighbors were also impacted.

Parker Woodworth, who just celebrated his 21st birthday, was another victim. But the burglars did more than just break his windows; they stole his car.

“I leaned over the balcony, I looked into my parking spot and the truck was gone,” Woodworth said.

After the thief stole the truck, they drove it more than five miles away to a VyStar Credit Union’s ATM on Beach Blvd and ran into it.

“Totaled my truck and wrecked the ATM pretty bad," Woodworth said.

Neighbors whose cars had been burglarized gathered together outside the complex to talk about the incident, worried that the burglars might return.

Police have not confirmed if there are any suspects, but their crime scene unit was at the complex investigating.

Residents said they believe the apartment management should invest in security to prevent another event like this, so they aren’t stuck picking up the pieces.

“That is such an inconvenience, just for me and everyone else,” McNamara said.

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