Mosquitos coming to Northeast Florida earlier due to warmer winter

Anastasia Mosquito Control expert Christopher Bibbs said that a warmer winter is just one of the reasons Northeast Florida is seeing mosquitos earlier than usual.

“If it stays warm and stays wet, it’s only going to go up from here,” Bibbs said.

Gregory Leo moved to Florida from New Jersey and wasn’t expecting mosquitoes to be biting this early.

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“We have like a net on our door so we keep all the bugs out, because if not, we get eaten alive,” Leo said.

St. Johns County is one of a handful of counties in our area with a reported case of Zika.

Bibbs said there are no cases here right now, but that could change.

“Even though it’s been some time and we’ve gone through our winter now, we're not sure Zika is gone,” Bibbs said.

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Anastasia Mosquito Control said they've been putting traps out since January.

Especially since March is a month when many people travel for spring break, Bibbs wants to remind both locals and visitors that repellent is still a good idea to avoid getting bitten.