• Mother concerned for children's safety at Jacksonville apartment complex

    By: Danielle Avitable , Action News Jax


    A Jacksonville mother is desperate for help after she said her ceiling caved in again.

    Action News Jax has been investigating conditions at the Camelot Gardens Apartments since May.

    A pile of rubble is on the ground underneath a gaping hole in Teshanna Jordan’s bathroom.

    "I do not feel comfortable sleeping in here. This is not a condition that anyone should sleep in," Jordan said.

    She said her ceiling caved in Wednesday night for the second time. She said the first time it happened was in May.

    "I feel like the actual problem was not fixed. It was only patched up for the time being," Jordan said.

    Her main concern is her two small children and the potential dangers now in her apartment.

    "It's not safe, especially the smell. It smells like mold. I don't want to get sick," Jordan said.

    Jordan said she called maintenance to report the issue but hasn't heard back.

    Action News Jax reporter Danielle Avitable went to ask the manager about plans for repairing the apartment but was told they had no comment.

    This new issue comes two weeks after a class action lawsuit was filed against the property management of Camelot Gardens Apartments.

    "It really shows that nobody is fixing these apartments like they should," Jordan said.

    Action News Jax law and safety expert Dale Carson said since this happened, it should have an impact on the lawsuit.

    "It empowers those bringing the litigation to get a resolution more quickly and to get the court interested in what's going on," Carson said -- especially because he said there are still obvious problems.

    "It puts them in a very powerful position, much more powerful than making claims that are historic," Carson said.

    According to a city spokesperson, code enforcement has 55 active cases open at the apartment complex. 

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